Roth offers Bosch water source heat pumps. Through experience, it is clear that for a complicated, extremely efficient, residential system such as this, we needed to provide a unit that was quiet, well built, and durable so it can provide many comfortable years of customer service and keep the utilities in check. Bosch brings that to the table with so much more.

How the Bosch Geothermal Heat Pump Works

To better understand why geothermal pump is an excellent heating and cooling option, it is essential to learn how it works. Unlike traditional heating options which need fuel to produce heat, the pump relies on the naturally high temperatures of underground water. The machine uses a ground loop filled with fluid to absorb the heat of the water. It then brings the fluid above ground to the heat exchanger, which transfers the warmth to the air and releases it into the home.

It uses a similar technique for cooling. However, the heat transfer process is completely reversed. The machine brings any warmth from the indoor air underground, to be absorbed by the soil or water in the area.

Advantages of Bosch Water Source Heat Pumps

They are energy efficient.

Compared to furnaces and other more traditional forms of heating, geothermal heat pumps are more energy efficient. They consume less electricity since they use a simple heat transfer system. They have a 400 percent energy efficiency rating, which means they create 4 units of energy for every 1 unit of electricity it consumes. This results in significant savings in utility expenses compared to houses that use furnaces.

They are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Geothermal pumps are an eco-friendly and sustainable heating and cooling system because they do not need to consume fossil fuels to produce heat. They simply move natural heat from the ground or the air to where it is needed. Since they do not burn fuel, no greenhouse gases and dangerous fumes are produced.

They are quieter than traditional HVAC systems.

Most traditional HVAC systems have an outdoor condenser unit, which usually produces noise when in operation. However, water source pumps take or release heat into the ground so they do not need an outdoor unit.

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