Optimal Sleep Temperature

What To Know About Finding Your Optimal Sleep Temperature

Optimal Sleep Temperature

Did you know that temperature is one of the biggest factors that affects the quality of your sleep? So, if you find yourself tossing and turning in bed at night, this can be because your room is either too hot or too cold. Read on to find out how to achieve your optimal sleep temperature. Also, learn about the advantages of sleeping at the right level of coolness.

What Is the Best Sleep Temperature?

Ideally, your optimal sleep temperature should be at 65°F. This is because, throughout the day, your body goes through a circadian rhythm. This is when your body’s internal temperature cools down by bringing out heat from your body. At night, you may notice that your hands and feet may feel a bit hotter. This is because warmth is shed out from your body through the expansion of blood vessels in your skin.

What Happens When It’s Too Hot or Cold?

When your room is not at its ideal temperature, this can make you restless. When you’re uneasy, this can disrupt Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. This is important in helping you feel well-rested and energetic when you wake up. REM sleep also promotes healthy brain development. The better sleep quality you have, the more you’ll be able to retain memories and other information.

How Can You Achieve Your Ideal Sleep Temperature?

One of the best ways to achieve your desired room temperature is to install a smart thermostat. Doing so will allow you to schedule when you want your room to cool down. Through the thermostat’s advanced technology, this device can detect when there’s a movement going on around your room. When it begins to sense that the movement is dying down, it can automatically start to cool down your room.

Through this thermostat, you can also conveniently control the room temperature from your smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is to download an app and adjust the settings as needed.

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