Five Repair Services for Common Furnace Problems

common furnace repair services

Your furnace is probably one of the most reliable appliances that keep you warm during the winter season. However, if you don’t get it maintained regularly, it might wear out faster than you expect. Read on to learn about common furnace repairs that technicians do when your heating system starts to fail.

1. Changing the Filters

You may begin to notice that your furnace no longer generates air as hot as it used to be. This can be a sign that you need to get your filters changed. Typically, they need to be changed once or twice a month, or you can check the packaging to find out how long they can be used. When it’s time for a change, call your technicians to have them completely replaced or cleaned as needed.

2. Fixing the Thermostat

Another reason why your furnace doesn’t produce enough warm air can be a broken thermostat. When it doesn’t work, it incorrectly detects and gives off the wrong amount of temperature. Technicians can fix it or let you know if it needs to be completely changed out.

3. Fixing the Safety Switch

There can be a time when you’ll need to use your furnace, and it won’t turn on. This can be because of a malfunctioning safety switch. Instead of trying to figure out how to get your heating system to operate again, call your local technicians. They can take a look at your furnace and have the switch wired to get it to function as it should.

4. Troubleshooting Weird Sounds

You might have experienced weird sounds coming from your furnace. The solution to this depends on what kind of noises it makes. For example, scraping can be because of an old ball bearing or a loose blower wheel. If you hear whistling, this happens because of a dirty air filter. When you hear things loud or unusual, ask technicians to identify the issues, and they’ll be able to fix them accordingly.

5. Cleaning the Burner

A clean burner should have a mostly blue flame. Otherwise, this can be a sign that it is contaminated. This happens when there is an excessive amount of dirt and debris. You’ll know that you’ll need to call over technicians when you see that your burner’s flame is yellow. They have the right tools to vacuum the dirt out and get them to be clean again.

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