Common HVAC Issues and Tips on How To Solve Them

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Occasionally, your HVAC systems malfunction. Read on to learn about tips on solving common furnace, air conditioning, and heat pump problems.

Furnace Problems
Furnace is one of the most popular heating systems in every American home. Learn about what common furnace problems homeowners experience and what they can do when their furnace malfunctions.

Randomly Switches Off
You might have experienced your furnace working for a short amount of time only to switch it off. This is caused by overheating from a limited or clogged air flow. To fix this, you can get your filter replaced. If this doesn’t work, it’s recommended to contact professionals to fix this switch.

Does Not Turn On
If there are moments your furnace randomly switches off, there are also times they do not turn on. This can be easily fixed in two ways. Either switch on the furnace flip in the breaker box or adjust the thermostat as needed. If these don’t work, contact professional technicians to help you.

Air Conditioning Problems
Homeowners tend to overuse their cooling system, especially during the summer. Learn about how to deal with common air conditioning problems.

Faulty Thermostat
Have you ever experienced turning your AC on, but the room still feels warm? This could have been caused by defects in your thermostat. The solution to this depends on the root cause of your issue. Some reasons include unsecured wires or screws, dead batteries, or a spread of corrosion.

Water Leakage
This is an issue every air conditioning owner has most likely experienced. If you have an indoor AC, a clogged drain, or a broken condensate pump can cause water leakage.

If your problem is the drain, you can unclog it by using a vacuum or pouring vinegar to wash out the bacteria buildup. Though if your pump is damaged, it’s advisable to call technicians to have it replaced and installed.

Heat Pump Problems
Learn about what to do when common heat pump problems happen.

Weird Noises
One of the most common problems for an HVAC system is rattling noise. It can signal that your heat pump has loose parts and needs tightening or has a serious problem that requires a technician. If these parts cannot be easily screwed on your own, contact professionals for help.

Incorrect Cycles
You might notice that your heat pump doesn’t turn on and off as it should. When this happens, this can be because of a malfunctioning thermostat or a clogged filter. You can either adjust the thermostat or get your filter cleaned, depending on the issue.

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