Roth is the oldest Amana dealer in Wichita KS. An Amana air conditioner is a great investment. Amana spends extra money and time to build most of their components, parts, and those that they purchase are carefully double checked to be sure they meet to be sure they meet Amanas high standards of perfection. Amana has a commitment to quality of their manufactured equipment and in their service to their dealers and to the consumer. They have found that this costs them more, but it maintains their reputation of excellence and customer satisfaction Amana has the best customer warranties and extended service protection. Overall providing the ultimate value!

What is an Amana PTAC TTW?
Amana’s PTAC TTW is an air conditioning unit that has a design similar to window type variants. The PTAC TTW or TTW PTAC acronym stands for through-the-wall-packaged terminal air conditioner. Like a window type unit, one side of the machine is installed outdoors, while the other is indoors. The difference is it is meant to fit directly through the wall.

A PTAC TTW unit has both heating and cooling capabilities and is usually powered solely by electricity. For heating, it depends on a heat pump system instead of a furnace. It is meant to control the temperature of a single room or space. This is the reason why aside from being used in traditional home structures, it is also a popular choice for hotels, inns, condominiums, and apartments.

Advantages of PTAC TTW Units
The PTAC TTW units provide various advantages because of their design. Read on to learn about two of the many benefits of these heating and cooling systems.

They are easy to install.
These machines heat and cool the air in a single room directly. They do not require a duct network to distribute the hot or cold air all over the home, which can often take a few days to design and build. They are directly fitted into a hole in the wall with a wall sleeve.

They are energy efficient.
PTAC TTW systems allow you to regulate the temperature for each room in your home. This means you will not waste electricity and resources for parts of the house that are not in use.

These are just some of the great advantages of these units. Reach out to Roth Heating & Air in Wichita, KS to install an Amana PTAC TTW for your home comfort needs.

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