Your HVAC Maintenance Checklist for 2022

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Here’s an HVAC maintenance checklist that you can use to keep your heating and cooling systems up and running more efficiently. Following this will help prolong your units’ lifespan and keep them working efficiently.

  1. Change the Air Filters

If your HVAC systems are constantly in use, dirt and other debris will eventually get caught in the air filters. When there’s too much accumulation of these, it can make the filters clogged. The general rule is to have them changed every 30 to 90 days. Doing this will ensure that your systems produce clean air and the right amount of airflow.

  1. Clear Out Debris Around Outdoor HVAC Systems

Aside from getting inside your units, debris such as pollen, twigs, and leaves can also accumulate around and on top of your outdoor HVAC systems. You can quickly fix this by clearing this debris from around your AC. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the parameters are clean within two feet of your AC units and heat pumps. This will help them pull in and release air much more smoothly.

  1. Inspect Refrigerant Lines

You can find two copper lines connecting your outdoor units to your indoor evaporator coil; these are your refrigerant lines. At least once a month, it’s essential to check them out for any signs of tear or leakages. When these are damaged, your HVAC unit won’t be able to produce enough heat or cool air into your home. In this case, you’ll need to call a skilled technician to have them replaced properly.

  1. Shut Off the Furnace’s Humidifier’s Water Supply

You should turn off the water supply to your furnace’s humidifier during the summer. Use it only in the colder seasons, like fall and winter. Your air conditioner works to pull the humidity out of your house, so adding humidity back in with the humidifier while your AC is running will cause added strain on your AC as well as your pocketbook.

Get a Maintenance Plan with Roth Heating & Air
After following this HVAC maintenance checklist, it’s best to contact professional technicians for further inspection and expert repair. They will have your systems checked for other potential issues and provide you with solutions that a regular homeowner may not be able to execute.

For HVAC maintenance and repair, contact Roth Heating & Air. Our team of professional technicians can provide you with a maintenance plan to ensure that you’re on schedule when it comes to taking care of your heating and cooling systems. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

Common Air Conditioner Problems and Their Solutions

common air conditioner problems

An air conditioning malfunction can be such an inconvenience, especially if it’s a hot day. To ensure that you know what to do when it happens, read on to learn about common air conditioner problems and solutions.

Your AC Does Not Turn On
When your AC no longer turns on, the thermostat’s batteries can be an issue. For dead batteries, you can switch them out with new ones. However, batteries that still have juice in them can be used.

Browse through your thermostat manual to learn how to double-check its settings. Make sure that it’s turned on to cooling mode. You can also try resetting the circuit breaker if it is tripped.

Your AC Doesn’t Blow Cold Air
You may experience switching your air conditioner on and after a while, notice that it hasn’t cooled off your room yet. This can be due to a dirty air filter. To fix it, you should have it cleaned every two weeks or switched out every two months.

Your AC Leaks
Every homeowner has probably experienced a leaking air conditioner. This happens when your drains are clogged with too many algae or fungi buildup. You can fix this by making your own cleaning solutions at home.

One example is to pour a few ounces of vinegar inside the drain line. The vinegar acts as an agent that kills the algae and fungi inside. If it doesn’t work, you can also use a vacuum to unclog the drain.

Reach Out to Experts for Best Results
The best way to fix common air conditioner problems is to get help from professionals. You may think that AC repair can be costly; however, regular maintenance is important to prevent your air conditioning system from breaking down.

If you’re interested in learning more about air conditioner problems and solutions, browse through our page at Roth Heating & Air. Our team also provides residential and commercial services to clients in Wichita, Kansas. Give us a call today, and we’ll make sure to effectively repair any issues your air conditioning unit is experiencing.

Five Furnace Problems That Need Emergency Repair

man fixing the screw

You wouldn’t want to go through winter without a working furnace. Having one is an excellent way to keep yourself warm and comfortable when it’s freezing cold. However, these heating system systems can unexpectedly break down. Read on to learn about some warning signs that you could be having a furnace emergency.

1. Randomly Switches Off

You might have experienced switching your furnace on only for it to turn back off after a few minutes. When this happens, it could be caused by a dirty air filter, rusted flame sensor, or malfunctioning thermostat. If you notice your furnace acting up, it’s best to contact professional technicians. They will be able to identify the source of the problem and fix it accordingly.

2. Loud Noises

Furnaces aren’t supposed to be loud. When turned on, they should barely make any noise. Sounds such as loud rattling or grinding are signs of an emergency furnace situation. This usually happens when your furnace is old.

3. No Warm Air

A furnace’s main purpose is to keep your place warm by blowing hot air. It’s a major problem when it does the exact opposite by blowing out cool air or no air at all. This can happen due to a blockage in the vent or an outdated blower motor.

4. Funky Smells

Most furnaces are fueled by natural gas that does not have an odor. When you smell something foul, such as rotten eggs or sewer, from your furnace, this could be a sign that you have a gas leakage. When this happens, turn your furnace off as soon as possible and have the professionals attend to your problem.

5. A Yellow Pilot Light

A furnace mainly has a blue pilot light with only the tip of the flame being yellow. When it is any other color, this could indicate carbon monoxide leakage. This can cause serious health hazards if it doesn’t get fixed immediately by technicians.

HVAC Repair Services With Roth Heating & Air
The best way to prevent these serious situations from happening is to have regular maintenance. At Roth Heating and Air, our team will be there for you even before a furnace emergency happens. Learn more about our maintenance plans by browsing through our site. We serve commercial and residential clients in Wichita, Kansas.

Common HVAC Issues and Tips on How To Solve Them

View of HVAC

Occasionally, your HVAC systems malfunction. Read on to learn about tips on solving common furnace, air conditioning, and heat pump problems.

Furnace Problems
Furnace is one of the most popular heating systems in every American home. Learn about what common furnace problems homeowners experience and what they can do when their furnace malfunctions.

Randomly Switches Off
You might have experienced your furnace working for a short amount of time only to switch it off. This is caused by overheating from a limited or clogged air flow. To fix this, you can get your filter replaced. If this doesn’t work, it’s recommended to contact professionals to fix this switch.

Does Not Turn On
If there are moments your furnace randomly switches off, there are also times they do not turn on. This can be easily fixed in two ways. Either switch on the furnace flip in the breaker box or adjust the thermostat as needed. If these don’t work, contact professional technicians to help you.

Air Conditioning Problems
Homeowners tend to overuse their cooling system, especially during the summer. Learn about how to deal with common air conditioning problems.

Faulty Thermostat
Have you ever experienced turning your AC on, but the room still feels warm? This could have been caused by defects in your thermostat. The solution to this depends on the root cause of your issue. Some reasons include unsecured wires or screws, dead batteries, or a spread of corrosion.

Water Leakage
This is an issue every air conditioning owner has most likely experienced. If you have an indoor AC, a clogged drain, or a broken condensate pump can cause water leakage.

If your problem is the drain, you can unclog it by using a vacuum or pouring vinegar to wash out the bacteria buildup. Though if your pump is damaged, it’s advisable to call technicians to have it replaced and installed.

Heat Pump Problems
Learn about what to do when common heat pump problems happen.

Weird Noises
One of the most common problems for an HVAC system is rattling noise. It can signal that your heat pump has loose parts and needs tightening or has a serious problem that requires a technician. If these parts cannot be easily screwed on your own, contact professionals for help.

Incorrect Cycles
You might notice that your heat pump doesn’t turn on and off as it should. When this happens, this can be because of a malfunctioning thermostat or a clogged filter. You can either adjust the thermostat or get your filter cleaned, depending on the issue.

Contact Roth Heating and Air for HVAC System Solutions
With more than 60 years of experience in the industry, Roth Heating and Air is the technician company for you. We offer commercial and residential services in Wichita, Kansas. Contact us for solutions to all your heating and cooling problems.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Heating and Cooling Service

Professional Heating and Cooling Service

An HVAC system is one of the biggest investments that people have when building a home. So, when it comes to maintaining this system, one should not rely on just anyone to provide maintenance and repairs. It would be best to hire a professional heating and cooling contractor for your HVAC.

There are many benefits to hiring a licensed heating and AC company. Read on to learn about why you should work with one.

They are highly skilled in their field.
Hiring a professional and certified contractor will help you be assured that you are working with a team of highly skilled technicians knowledgeable in HVAC systems. To be certified, they have to meet the standards set by the Kansas Registrar of Contractors. They have to pass an exam to show their knowledge of their field.

Many companies like Roth Heating & Air make their employees undergo rigorous training to hone their skills and update their knowledge of the repair, cleaning, and installation procedures. This helps them keep their standard of superior service.

They can help you save money.
Hiring a nonprofessional technician may seem like an excellent way to save money. But in the end, it may cost you more. If the HVAC problems are not properly addressed at the onset, they may worsen and need even more expensive repairs.

A professional contractor has enough skill and experience to get the job done right the first time. They also have warranties for their work, which can cover expenses if ever more repairs are needed. They can also spot potential problems in your system and prevent them from occurring, helping you save money on future repairs.

They have all the necessary tools.
HVAC systems often require specialized tools for maintenance and repairs. If a homeowner wants to fix their heating and cooling network on their own, they may have to purchase various types of equipment in the process.

Meanwhile, professional HVAC companies have a wide array of equipment and supplies at their disposal. They have all the tools they need to properly address whatever problem your system may have.

Call a Professional HVAC Contractor
Do you need reliable heating and AC service in Wichita? Get in touch with the Roth Heating & Air team today and enjoy the benefits of working with a professional HVAC company.

Different Services Offered by a Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Do you need the assistance of an HVAC company like Roth Heating & Air? There are many heating and cooling services that a typical contractor will offer. Being more familiar with what they provide can help you figure out when you should hire one. Read on to learn more about some of the services of an HVAC contractor.

Setup or Installation
An essential furnace and AC service that a contractor provides is to install HVAC equipment. This service includes planning the placement and installing the network of ducts for centralized HVAC systems. A professional contractor knows all the proper installation protocols for each kind of heating and cooling system. They can help ensure you have the optimal setup for your space.

System Replacement
HVAC companies also offer replacement services, which are great if your HVAC is old. These services involve taking out all the outdated and irreparable components of your heating and AC system and putting in new equipment. This is a great way to keep your HVAC system updated with the latest technology.

Installing a replacement system also involves evaluating how much load an HVAC can carry to maintain the temperature in your space. Roth Heating & Air offers a heating and cooling load analysis for replacement systems at no obligation or cost to clients.

Maintenance and Cleaning
A company that provides heating and cooling services often offers a complete maintenance regimen for all types of HVACs. The contractor will go over the entire system and check each part to make sure everything is in good shape. This service includes some of the following procedures:

  • Looking for refrigerant leaks
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Lubrication of parts
  • Clearing drain lines
  • Inspecting controls
  • Calibrating the thermostat

Cleaning is an essential part of maintenance since dirt and grime can reduce its efficiency. So, a professional contractor also cleans the HVAC equipment and ductwork and change or wash the system filters.

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Roth Heating & Air provides various residential and commercial services for heating and cooling. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about what our company has to offer. We provide our heating and AC services 7 days a week.

Benefits of a Central Heating and Cooling System

Professional Heating and Cooling Service

There are many kinds of residential heating and cooling available today. One of the most common is the central HVAC network. In this setup, the cooling and heating process takes place in one location, and a series of fans and ducts distribute air around the home.

Having this HVAC system in your home has many benefits. Read on to learn about some of these advantages.

Uniform Home Temperature Control
Having central HVAC allows you to heat or cool your entire home all at once. Unlike split systems, which have one unit per space, you can conveniently control your home temperature from a single thermostat.

This allows you to set a uniform temperature for your entire home. However, if you only want to cool or warm certain rooms and exclude the rest, you can opt for a central HVAC with zoning features. This has discs or dampers in the ductwork to redirect the airflow to the rooms you want to be warmed or cooled. Either way, you can conveniently control the temperature of your entire home with a centralized system.

Cleaner Air
Homes with central HVACs tend to have cleaner air than those without. Since the central heating and cooling system is responsible for circulating air throughout your home, the air from all the rooms will be processed by the HVAC at some point. This means that any tiny foreign particles will be caught by the system’s filters and removed from the air you breathe.

Less Humidity
If you live in a particularly humid area, it may be best to install a central heating and air conditioning system to keep air moisture in check. The HVAC can remove extra moisture when the air touches its cold evaporator coil. The vapor condenses into water, which is then collected by the system and drained outside your home.

Reach Out to Roth Heating & Air
Give Roth Heating & Air in Wichita, KS a call for professional HVAC installation. We handle central air conditioner units and offer combo package units from different manufacturers like Rheem and Amana.

Understanding Furnace and AC Maintenance Plans

furnace and ac maintenance plans

Repairs aren’t the only reason you should call an HVAC contractor. Like all machines, HVAC systems need regular maintenance to help optimize their performance and extend their life span. Nowadays, you can conveniently schedule routine tune-ups by getting heating and cooling maintenance plans. But, what exactly do these plans entail? Read on to understand what type of services they can include.

  • Changing or Cleaning Filters
    Every 3 months, HVAC filters need to be replaced or cleaned, depending on whether you use disposable or washable variants. If you have pets or people in your household that are prone to allergies, you can have the filters changed or washed more often to help maintain your home’s air quality.
  • Clearing Indoor Vent Openings
    Indoor vent openings need to be clear of any obstructions to ensure proper airflow to the HVAC system. The maintenance team can check if any changes in the home, like furniture relocation, block these vents.
  • Removing Debris From the Outdoor Unit
    The outdoor unit, which contains the condenser, is exposed to the elements. Dirt and debris enter the unit through its numerous openings and also accumulate on its exterior. It must be regularly cleaned to optimize its performance and restore airflow.
  • Checking Electrical Connections
    An essential part of a typical furnace and AC tune-up session is to inspect the system’s electrical connections. Maintenance professionals can help you find and repair loose wiring or faulty connections, which can be fire and electrocution hazards.
  • Inspecting the Thermostat
    The thermostat measures and regulates the temperature in your home. If it is broken or improperly calibrated, it will be difficult to control how hot or cold it should be at home. Most maintenance plans include inspecting and recalibrating the thermostat to ensure optimal system performance.

Get in Touch With Roth Heating & Air
Do you want to learn more about heating and cooling maintenance plans? Reach out to Roth Heating & Air in Wichita. Our team of professional HVAC technicians can recommend a care program for your specific system and explain the different parts of our maintenance agreement.

The Importance of Preseason Heating Inspection

preseason heating inspection

The winter season is just around the corner. It’s time to start getting your home ready for the cold weather. One of the ways you can get prepared is to schedule a preseason heating check or tune-up. There are various reasons why a preseason inspection is important. Read on to learn about some of them.

To Prevent System Breakdowns
A preseason furnace tune-up will help identify any issues your system currently has. Since it will be used throughout the winter months, any unaddressed problems might worsen over time and need more extensive repairs in the future. Some problems can even lead to a sudden system breakdown that leaves you without proper heating in the middle of the winter.

However, with preseason heating inspections, any existing problems will be detected and addressed early. Technicians can also foresee potential issues and take steps to prevent them. You will have a fully functional system ready to provide heat for the entire season.

To Help You Save For Your Utility Bills
A significant percentage of your total gas or power expenses can be attributed to your furnace and air conditioning system’s consumption. If it isn’t in the best condition, it will consume more resources than necessary to generate heat. This can be especially costly during winter since the heating system has to work round the clock to maintain your home’s internal temperature.

A preseason tune-up will fully optimize your system and allow it to perform in peak condition. This will ensure that it uses resources efficiently and lower its overall gas or power consumption.

To Eliminate Safety Hazards
Furnace issues will be not only hindrance to the system’s performance but also potential safety hazards. A broken heat exchanger, for example, causes a carbon monoxide leak. Exposure to large quantities of this odorless gas is lethal for humans. Issues with gas lines and ventilation, on the other hand, are fire and explosion hazards.

Doing a preseason tune-up helps detect these safety hazards. Experienced HVAC technicians can spot these crucial furnace issues and eliminate them, ensuring that the system is completely safe for use.

Schedule a Preseason Furnace Check
Reach out to Roth Heating & Air today and book preseason furnace service. Our team of professional technicians can help you ensure that your HVAC is ready in time for winter.

How To Choose a Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor

hvac contractorHeating and air conditioning systems need proper maintenance and repair to last long and stay in optimal condition. So, it is essential to have a reliable heating and air conditioning company that can give the care your unit needs.

Many contractors offer these services. It is crucial to know what to look for when hiring a heating and AC company. Read on to learn about some of the things to consider.

Their Licenses
The first thing you should look for is licensure. A company must have the appropriate certifications from the government affirming that they are a professional HVAC contractor. This ensures the quality of service they provide meets standards set by local authorities. In Kansas, each technician must pass an exam to be given HVAC certification. You can be confident that certified contractors are skilled and knowledgeable about the essential aspects of heating and cooling.

Their Range of Services
Ask potential heating and air conditioning companies what kind of services they provide. You want a full-service contractor that offers a comprehensive range of heating and AC services. Look for a company capable of handling heating and air conditioning installation, repair, cleaning, and maintenance.

The advantage of hiring a full-service heating and AC company is that you have a one-stop-shop for all your HVAC needs. You will only have to interact with one company for updates and concerns.

Their Reputation
One factor to consider before working with a company is its reputation. Visit various review websites to read clients’ comments and feedback. Try not to rely on just numerical ratings and look for detailed accounts of customer interaction with potential contractors. This will give you an idea of the quality of service you can expect from the company. If a client makes the effort to leave a good review, that means they were really satisfied by the company’s service.

You should also look at the ratio between good and bad comments. If they have an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and only a handful of negative reviews, it means they are consistent in providing great service.

To work with a quality heating and air conditioning company, get in touch with Roth Heating & Air. We provide exceptional furnace and AC services in Wichita, KS.